Sunday, December 14, 2008

Duff's Brooklyn: Great Bar, Same Friends, New Location.

This is a write up I did 2 years ago about my favorite bar. I'm keeping the article up from my old Blog since it has been linked by Forgotten New York.

About two weeks ago, my favorite watering whole, Duff's Brooklyn, moved to it's new location in South Williamsburg. This past Saturday Night, I stopped in with my friend Gio to grab a few drinks and check out the new place. I was very impressed with the new bar. While the old bar can be described as a hole int he wall, owner Jimmy Duff has truly gone all out to make the new place look great.

The new space is at least 4 times as long as the old bar off North 3rd and Kent. Patrons can sit along the long white bar located up front, or head into the back room where a more casual seating area is available with several tables. The walls of the bar are covered with new and familiar memorabilia. The Juke Box is sporting a wider range of music, with such notable bands as Carcuss and even Rush being featured on it. Any complaints about the lack of top shelf liquor have been heard. Behind the bartender, you'll find a nice stock of familiar brand name alcohol. While the bar still doesn't sport any taps, they still manage to keep the usual stock of bottled beers.

The bartending corp remains the same, and you'll be continued to be served at the new Duff's by Tracy and L.A. I have to admit, it felt a little weird being at the new bar. While I was surrounded by familiar places, all of my Duff's memories are still of the old place. But I'm sure as time goes on, I will have plenty of new stories to tell about the new place. Even though the location has moved, Duff's Brooklyn remains a staple of Metal culture, and a fun place to grab a drink. The former Duff's location on North 3rd and Kent, still owned by Jimmy Duff, has been converted to the Rock 'n Roll Bar and will feature a less metal atmospher as it caters to the crowd of North Williamsburg.

The new Druff's Brooklyn is located at 168 Marcy Avenue between South 5th and Broadway. Conviniently located about 20 feet from the Marcy Avenue JMZ stop. The JMZ connects one stop over the bridge with the F at Delancy Street. In the opposite direction, it gets me home from Duff's in under 20 minutes which is what I like most about the new locale.

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Please note that the Rock and Roll bar, the original Duff's location, has closed since this article was written.

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Master_Gio said...

LOVE the new place. While it feels a little weird considering how long we been going to the original locale and, like you said, there are so many great memories connected to the old place, I still love it.