Sunday, October 16, 2011

New York Comic Con Day 4 Photo Highlights

Lot's to talk about from Day 4, but I'm so exhausted that I'll just wait until I do a more in depth blog eventually. I have hundreds of photos to post to Flickr. I'll probably start doing so next weekend. In the meanwhile, enjoy the top 10 photos from today.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New York Comic Con Day 3 Photo Highlights

NYCC Day 3 was a lot more fun than Day 2. As the crowd swelled to a "Fire Hazard" limit, the this day was certainly a lot more fun and eventful than the second day. I was able to meet Roman Dirge the creator of Lenore today. He had mentioned at an earlier panel that he and Neil Gaiman are working on trying to bring a Lenore animated movie to the big screen. I also met Ti West, the Director of House of the Devil. We also ran into comedian Grace Helbig (G4) who was awesome to talk with. Apparently she's never met Chris Hardwick and neither have I. He eluded us as his Nerdist booth was well hidden. Hopefully we can track him down tomorrow morning before he leaves. I need Chris to sign my House of 1000 Corpses DVD.  

New York Comic Con Day 2 Photo Highlights

Day 2 of Comic Con was highlighted by the Marvel costume contest. Marvel has a huge presence this year and they're going all out in promoting the Avengers film. I was also able to see highlights from Final Fantasy XIII-2. My only gripe today was the lack of info on Celebes. I didn't meet any because I couldn't find any of the ones I wanted to meet! NYCC has done a poor job with their app and website, and in updating the locations of the guest. I know the program books are printed a week sooner, but I had no idea Debbie Mazar was even at the show until it was pointed out to me today! There's no info on where and when she's signing!

Friday, October 14, 2011

New York Comic Con Day 1

I signed myself up for 4 days of Comic Con. Even though NYCC started at 4PM today, I did get a taste of what I'm in for. It should be fun, very memorable, yet tiring. I promised myself that I would do a photo blog at the end of each day and show off the top photos for that day. Not much going on for Day 1 as people were still setting up and getting their act together. I plan to have a more extensive NYCC blog next week, but in the meanwhile, enjoy some of the sites observed today at NYCC.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Finally... A Design Blog!

I'd like to invite everyone who reads this blog to like Negative Pop's business page on Facebook. It acts as a frequently update journal of all of my past, present, and future design and photography projects. It can be reached through this link -

I'll admit it. I've been a little too obsessed with photography of late, and I've neglected the fact that I'm still a graphic designer by trade. Sure, being a graphic designer is my day job, but I still enjoy flexing my creative skills on the outside. While I'm in love with photography, my passion will always be for graphic design. However, it's through my photography that I draw the inspiration for my various design projects. And it's through my design work that my photography thrives. Rightfully so, one compliments the other.

Recently, I created the 5 design concepts below for the NKFs 2012 Spring Clinical Meetings. Unlike last year when our event was held in Las Vegas, our goal this year was not to promote the event location, but to focus on less localized design. While my previous year's concepts featured Las Vegas Show Girls and the easily recognizable Las Vegas Skyline, this year i gave approached my design with more subtlety. The gambit of designs below vary style from a simple typography to more elaborately rendered designs While all 5 designs were in contention, Design D was chosen for the overall look and feel on this years promotional materials. I was quite happy with the final results, and it will become the basis for the future evolution of this brand.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Torrid, Tight, and Sexy - A Fashion and Concert Show in NYC

On July 27, legendary punk fashion designer Natasha held her Torrid, Tight, and Sexy Fashion Event at Santo's Party House in Manhattan. The show featured a showing of Natasha's new anti-fashion swimwear for 2012. The show was supported by musical performances from Transgendered Jesus, Luigi and the Babes featuring Dai Burger, and God's Green Earth.

The first band to take the stage was Transgendered Jesus, fronted by Anne Hanavan. I didn't know much about the band going in, but they gave a great performance, fusing punk and metal into their unique sound. Anne's husband, Paul, is the bands saxophonist, and their politically infused music was a great show opener to motivate the crowd. The band even did a dedication to "Serial killer" Aileen Wuornos. Anne Hanavan is obviously no stranger to fashion herself, having owned a small boutique in Manhattan's lower east side for several years.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New York Tattoo Convention article published in Hungarian Tattoo Magazine

I'm proud to Announce my NY Tattoo Convention Photos have been published by Tattoo Mania's Hungarian Tattoo Publication. I'm quite excited as it's my first time being printed, and hopefully not my last. I had a great photographing the event. A few familiar faces can be seen in the spread, including Mei Hoshi. For all of my photos from the Convention, please visit my Flickr gallery at

My friend @mastergio did a recent interview with me on his blog, "Words from the Master." He's a good writer. You can read the interview at this link -

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Day at Coney Island / Luna Park

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking my camera to Coney Island for a Sunday afternoon visit. The beach peninsula, which includes the Luna Park amusement rides, always offers a great experience. The beach attracts a diverse crowd of New Yorkers looking for a convenient getaway to beat the summer heat. Visiting Coney Island as a photographer has become a yearly experience for me. Coney Island's rich celebrated history dates all the way back to the 1830s. While the attractions alongside Surf Avenue has undergone many changes over the generations, the essence that makes Coney Island enjoyable will always be available to it's patrons.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Re-Designed and Re-Launched NegativePop.Com

My apologies for the lack of blog posts in the last month. I have been hard at work trying to complete a major update to my website. NegativePop.Com, my portfolio website, has finally been re-designed and re-launched.  I have been a Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Web Designer for over the past 11 years. Digital Art has been my passion, and the time has come for me to take my creativity to a higher level. I invite everyone to please visit and review my works. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in creating them.

Please stay tuned! I have a lot more photography and designs to come in the near future. Currently I'm entertaining all related employment and business inquiries. Opportunities for Event, Cosplay, and Modeling Photography Shoots are welcomed.

I leave you with a poster I recently created for the Brooklyn RobotWorks. It features my photography, and a pretty cool looking Autobot symbol I created from scratch. Please take a look at the creations of the Brooklyn RobotWorks. They're quite amazing!

Brooklyn Bumblebee

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Robots, Creativity, and Imagination:
Brooklyn RobotWorks

It was 11:45am on a late Saturday morning in Manhattan. Outside of the famed Pennsylvania Hotel, where Wizard World New York was just underway, foot traffic came to a grinding halt in anticipation of an unusual sight. It was on that day that 7th Avenue was graced by an appearance from Bumblebee, one of the most popular Autobots on the Transformers' roster. The yellow and silver robot zipped around on foot as he greeted his fans and brought smiles to the faces of curious children. Everyone scrambled for their cameras to capture a shot of the most realistic Transformer Cosplay costumes ever seen to date.

Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 New York Tattoo Convention

On Friday the 13th, 2011, the 14th Annual New York Tattoo Convention kicked off at the Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan. This 3 day affair showcased over 70 tattoo studios and vendors from around the world. It is regarded by some as the biggest convention of it's kind in the United States. The convention often has a large attendance, and there's never a shortage of tattoo art to be seen. Ironically, the 14th anniversary of the convention marks the 14th year that tattooing once again became legal by law in New York. It had been banned by law from 1961-1997.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chiller Theater Expo April 30, 2011

Zahcerle, "The Cool Ghoul" and Master of Ceremony for
the Chiller Theater Expo.

On April 30th,  I attended the Chiller Theater Toy, Model, and Film Expo in Parsippany, NJ. It's a Horror Convention for fans alike to converge and celebrate the historic local television show of the same name. For those unfamiliar with Chiller Theater, it first aired locally in the New York tri-state area on Saturday nights during the Early 50's as a vehicle for showcasing classic horror movies. It was hosted by Zacherle, "The Cool Ghoul", a character who became synonymous with the show through it's 50 years of broadcasts and many revivals. This Convention (Chiller as most refer to it) offers a stroll down memory lane for all fanboys and fangirls of the horror genre. There are guests abundant for people to meet, and Kevin Clemet, AKA Mr. Chiller, never disappoints the fans by always booking high demand and obscure celebes. Some of the great guests in attendance that weekend included Loni Anderson, Gary Busey, Ernest Borgnine and Dean Stockwell to name a few.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Situated in Cooperstown, New York, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum stands as the ultimate monument dedicated to America's favorite pastime. As its motto suggests, the Hall of Fame strives to "Preserve History, Honor Excellence, and Connect Generations." Earlier this month, I took a road trip, or a pilgrimage, as some die hard baseball fans might say, to visit Cooperstown for the first time. It was truly a memorable trip as I got to experience the historic culture of baseball as preserved by the Hall of Fame.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Street Photography: As Inspired by Edward Hopper

Painter Edward Hopper has always been an inspiration to me. After an in-depth College study of his paintings and artistic styles, I instantly began to idolize the painter and his works. For me, Edward Hopper represented an artist who thought outside the box as he went against the popular modern expressionist art movement of his time. At a time when Modern Art began to flourish, Hopper stuck to painting realistic personal visions of everyday life.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rekindling My Love Affair With Professional Wrestling: WSU's 4th Anniversary Show

I'll never back down from admitting it — I've been a wrestling fan since I was a child. My on and off again obsession with this male soap opera dates back to the 80s when  pro-wrestling began to cross over and explode into mainstream. As a child, I would tune in to see legends like "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair tell their larger than life stories every week. Catching the weekly wrestling shows became a ritual for me and my friends. We never missed an episode.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Japan Fashion Festa - A Cospay Fashion Show

On Thursday, February 17, 2011 the Tokyo Fashion Festa, a special sold-out Cosplay fashion show, was held at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). For those unfamiliar with Cosplay, it is the art of dressing in the costumes of popular Japanese manga, video game, and anime characters. In Japan, the phenomena of Cosplay has created a subculture, which has spilled over to Europe and the United States. Cosplayers, or layers as some like to be referred to, see this a a form of recreation which isn't tied down to a single holiday such as Halloween or Mardi Gras.