Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Street Photography: As Inspired by Edward Hopper

Painter Edward Hopper has always been an inspiration to me. After an in-depth College study of his paintings and artistic styles, I instantly began to idolize the painter and his works. For me, Edward Hopper represented an artist who thought outside the box as he went against the popular modern expressionist art movement of his time. At a time when Modern Art began to flourish, Hopper stuck to painting realistic personal visions of everyday life.

Edward Hopper had the talent for taking the obvious and making it interesting. As a photographer, I try to capture the fleeting moments in life which is taken for granted by the human eye. In street photography, it's all about capturing the obvious in it's natural setting and presenting it in an interesting manner. One can almost say that Edward Hopper's paintings are quite similar to modern Street Photography.

Two weeks ago, I visited the Whitney Museum with my girlfriend and experienced the Edward Hopper exhibit. I was filled with inspiration, and upon leaving the museum, I whipped out my camera and began to snap a series of street photographs. Inspiration also followed me a few days later on a lunch trip to Madison Park in Manhattan. I've posted to this blog, my favorite photos from both outings. Like Hopper himself, I hope you can also see the beauty in the obvious subjects presented below.

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