Monday, September 12, 2011

Finally... A Design Blog!

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I'll admit it. I've been a little too obsessed with photography of late, and I've neglected the fact that I'm still a graphic designer by trade. Sure, being a graphic designer is my day job, but I still enjoy flexing my creative skills on the outside. While I'm in love with photography, my passion will always be for graphic design. However, it's through my photography that I draw the inspiration for my various design projects. And it's through my design work that my photography thrives. Rightfully so, one compliments the other.

Recently, I created the 5 design concepts below for the NKFs 2012 Spring Clinical Meetings. Unlike last year when our event was held in Las Vegas, our goal this year was not to promote the event location, but to focus on less localized design. While my previous year's concepts featured Las Vegas Show Girls and the easily recognizable Las Vegas Skyline, this year i gave approached my design with more subtlety. The gambit of designs below vary style from a simple typography to more elaborately rendered designs While all 5 designs were in contention, Design D was chosen for the overall look and feel on this years promotional materials. I was quite happy with the final results, and it will become the basis for the future evolution of this brand.

All designs below are a © of the National Kidney Foundation. 

Design A
Design B

Design C

Design D
Design E

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