Saturday, October 15, 2011

New York Comic Con Day 3 Photo Highlights

NYCC Day 3 was a lot more fun than Day 2. As the crowd swelled to a "Fire Hazard" limit, the this day was certainly a lot more fun and eventful than the second day. I was able to meet Roman Dirge the creator of Lenore today. He had mentioned at an earlier panel that he and Neil Gaiman are working on trying to bring a Lenore animated movie to the big screen. I also met Ti West, the Director of House of the Devil. We also ran into comedian Grace Helbig (G4) who was awesome to talk with. Apparently she's never met Chris Hardwick and neither have I. He eluded us as his Nerdist booth was well hidden. Hopefully we can track him down tomorrow morning before he leaves. I need Chris to sign my House of 1000 Corpses DVD.  

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Master_Gio said...

X2 was THE hottest cosplayer, that I actually saw at NYCC.