Sunday, October 21, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 Day 3 Photo Highlights

Day 3 of comic con... I never made it to day 4 for obvious reasons. I think it's time to slowly get some sense of normalcy. I figured I'd distract myself by posting a few photos tonight.

The Ghostbusters vs. The Nestle Quick Bunny.
Probably my favorite photo of the weekend

An amazing homemade Witchblade Cosplay

Diva Deadpool

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan autographing 2x4s 

Catwoman gets photobombed

Belle and Cinderella. Cinderella created both Costumes.

Tank Girl

The Family that cosplays together... 

The Puppet Master and Red Skull team up! 

Breaking Bad

For Further #NYCC Coverage, view the exclusive interview of  ‏@VampyBitme that was done by @MasterGio w/ @baldwinsaint

Vampy Bit Me


Jim said...

Wow, that Witchblade costume is outstanding.

Alan C said...

She made it herself and the detail is quite amazing, right down to the jewels!. I follow her on facebook, and she posted updates throughout the creation process. She makes amazing costumes.

Anonymous said...

thank you alan! the photo came out amazing!