Thursday, November 15, 2012

2012 New York Comic Con Cosplay Photos

99% of the photos I took at 2012 NYCC are now available for viewing on Flickr. My cosplay photos can be seen at the following link:

And My Toy Photos can be seen here:

If you're the subject of one of my photos and like it, drop me a line and I'll gladly send you the high resolution file. So many cosplayers comment on my photos, and yet I can't find a a way to contact them back and send the photos. For example, the woman who was dressed as Tron last year at NYCC. She said I took the best photo of her because it was early on and her cosplay was completely intact. I found her tumblr, but it had no contact info on it. If you read this, e-mail me and I'll send you the photo!

If you really like photography and design work featured on this website, feel free to follow me on Twitter @NegativePop, and on Facebook at

And on a final note, I've been contributing my photography and video expertise to the "Words From the Master" blog. I've known Gio for a very long time, and I'm excited to be teaming up with him and BAS Design on a lot of projects of late, so make sure to follow his awesome blog!

Since my mom's passing, I've been inspired to write a lot more, take more photographs, and focus on the things I enjoy most in life. I hope I can continue to capitalize on this momentum. I have a lot of fun projects planned in the future, so continue to watch this space!

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giovanni deldio said...

Working with you and BAS has been great! We are like Voltron as we join to form, er, Blogtron! lol!
But, seriously thank you for all your help, man. The sky is the limit for the three of us!