Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NYCC 2013: A Bit of Mental Preperation

Another year, another New York Comic Con. As the weekend approaches, memories of last year's Comic Con continue creep into memory. It was that very weekend in 2012 that I lost my mom to cancer. This coming Columbus Day marks the 1 year anniversary of he passing, and I still miss her dearly.  It's sucks to have these memories tied in with the mecca of New York City geek events, but it can't be helped.

While I was only partially in attendance at comic con 2012, it did provide a mental escape for me. It was difficult. I remember pulling myself aside several times, ready to start bawling my eyes out, only to catch myself and hold it all back. Maybe I'm not the most open person when it comes to expressing my feelings, it's the Scorpio in me, but I was very appreciative of my friends who helped console me and cheer me up during those difficult days.

I've come a long way in the year since. I labelled 2013 as the year of change, and it has been just that. Things have changed for the better. I've moved to a new apartment in a part of Queens which I'm beginning to love. I'm now engaged to a wonderful woman,  whom I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with. Things are looking positive. I still miss my mom, that won't change, but I know she'd be proud of me if she was here.

I've reflected on my career a lot recently, coming to the realization that I want to still be a Graphic Designer first and foremost. That's where my true passion lies. And while my day job has sucked the fun and life out of it, I still strive to keep my career alive and moving forward. Photography has been a great escape from the negative hoopla and staleness of graphic design, but I don't see it ever becoming my career. I love taking photos, and I love taking them semi-professionally, but it'll only serve to enhance my skills as a designer and not as a new career direction.

This year, NYCC will be a little more subdued as the memory of my mom's passing will still be fresh in mind. I'll be there with my camera trying to snap photos of the most unique cosplays, and I'll be photographing for the Words of the Master website once again. However, things won't be as intense and insane as they usually are. Don't get me wrong, I'm still psyched about going, but I'm just over all the insanity. See you at the Javits Center...

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